Eve Angeli responds to attacks on his covers of Johnny Hallyday’s version zouk Gala

Entertainment 15 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

Victim of numerous attacks over the past 48 hours, Eve Angeli was keen to put the record straight regarding her upcoming album.

Everything started from a simple interview. In the columns of Here, Eve Angeli gave news of his next project, an album funded by her fans through crowdfunding. A disk composed of covers of ” songs of yesterday and today, version zouk “. The singer stated, ” As we are very fans of Johnny Hallyday, it has started to work about five of his titles, version sun. I love you, something from Tennessee, I promise… He loved the west Indies, based in Saint-Barthélemy so it has a logical side. ”

This statement was enough to put fire to the powder. On social networks, the fans have very quickly made it known their anger at this idea. Especially as many have misunderstood the information, and believed that the latter was preparing a full album in tribute to Johnny Hallyday, which is not the case at all : only a few songs are concerned. Moreover, even when this would be the case, there is nothing to justify the outpouring of hate that Eve Angeli has been a victim.

On Facebook, the latter claims to have received numerous insults and threats, and has therefore published an update to clarify his project. She proclaims : “there will be no album of covers of songs of Johnny Hallyday “. The singer explains : “I had expressed a desire why not to repeat a song from the Taulier to pay tribute to him and especially as Johnny was fond of the Caribbean. “All that matters for it is to put the sun in the music. And it’s not the insults that are going to prevent it.

RELEASE TO STOP THE INSULTS AND THREATS : In an interview with a journalist Here, I was talking about…

Posted by Eve Angeli Official on Monday, January 15, 2018

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