Eve (The Villa of Broken Hearts 2)? “I had a problem with Jazz”

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

The reality TV candidate had the right to an explosive arrival.
After the departure of Anthony is Melanie decided to leave Villa 2 broken hearts . But a pretty young woman lost, one recovered! Indeed, Eve ( The Princes of Love 3 ) will enter the adventure in this episode of Friday, January 6, 2017, on NT1. And the reception she received was far from ideal.
” I thought I was rather well received. But we will say that when I arrived, I had a problem with Jazz. So, the opening minutes were not easy ,” she told exclusively to Disney Co . However, the young woman remained rather vague about the reason for their estrangement: ” I do not know what it is reproached me just had a night together and it was pretty well So, I thought.. I would have no enemy arriving at the villa. so I was surprised. “And to clarify that, for her part, she had nothing against the candidate painful past lovers .
” I do not know if she is still angry, I did not try to reach her. After, I do not think she’s resentful or hurt that I have at this point for me in it wants at this point , “she concluded on the subject. After which, she assured that the current was fine with the other candidates, especially Steven: ” I had some prejudices about Steven, but on arrival, I changed my viewpoint He greeted them. Open arms and put me at ease from the start. It was really a friendly touch. “