Evelyne Thomas celebrates 53 years in beauty

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Journalist Evelyne Thomas is now 53 years old. Return on its evolution over time and its taking insurance.

If Evelyne Thomas has appeared in a surprising look sexy and feminine at the party NRJ in September 2016, the journalist still not unveiled its forms as easily did during his career. Indeed, when it began, it did not wear at all the same outfits. Proof that over time, the television presenter has learned to look after her appearance and have confidence in her in front of the cameras.
In 1994 for example, only two years after introducing its first television news at France 3, she was noticed by her almost masculine style. She has hair on top of the neck and wears striped jackets, not always rewarding for her fine silhouette. A few years later, thanks to her determination and professionalism, she manages to face her shyness in animating a series of testimonials. This is It is my choice, starting in 1999, with Jean-Luc Delarue .
In 2002, a new Evelyne was photographed during prestigious dinners. The one who was applying make-up very slightly before now dares colors. At that time, the journalist who became a mother of a little Lola with her husband Christophe Aigrisse is happy. She knows at the same time a beautiful professional ascent because its program is very appreciated by the viewers.
She is seen attending many conferences and even posing for photographers at the RMC premises in 2003. The following year is a kind of consecration for her. After many efforts to withstand the pressure behind the scenes, she has the opportunity to evolve from a famous presenter How much? This is Jean-Pierre Pernaut , considered a size at TF1. But the two colleagues do not get along very well. ” I’m not a trophy wife, but I will take the place of person. I claim the right opportunity to do my job ,” she confided to then Télé Loisirs. Finally, in 2005, we discovered it very flourishing. She no longer has the traditional posture of a presenter but that of an evening reporter who assumes his femininity and even dresses low-cut.
Later, in 2012, after working in Direct 8, and after a long period of depression because of its failure, Evelyne Thomas still surprises the crowd with a new look: that of the chic and accomplished woman, multiply arched dresses , Assorted scarves, lipstick and sophisticated jewelry.
Finally, in 2016, Evelyne Thomas allows himself some small follies. On the set of the new show It’s my choice as to make a snub to a past right dress and severe, it is piercing the cartilage of the ear and reveals more of her figure in tight dresses And décolletées. One way to show that despite hardships and a lot of criticism, she is back for good. And that she affirms her style without complex as much as her fantasies.