“Even death Johnny Hallyday continues to be a fraudster tax” : Philippe Poutou, former presidential candidate, breaks the unanimity on the rocker – Gala

Entertainment 18 December, 2017


Philippe Poutou has denounced the ceremony as a tribute to Johnny Hallyday, celebrated in Paris at the church of the Madeleine Saturday, 9 December, three days after his death. “Ecoeurant ! “, a-t it down

Philippe Poutou has no language in his pocket. This was demonstrated during the Great Debate during the presidential election campaign – his invectives against François Fillon and Marine Le Pen had caused a sensation. Ten days after the death of Johnny Hallyday, the former candidate NPA the shows again. His target this time, the rocker legendary, who died on the 6th of December last, and the homage which was rendered to him on Saturday 9 December in Paris, at the church of the Madeleine. “Ecoeurant ! “down Philippe Poutou, a hanging on the antenna of RMC in the Great Oral of the GG. “We have seen the management of the elite ultra-rich, it was a marker of fraudsters, thieves, that there had to the interior of the Madeleine : a president, two ex-presidents… “, he enumerated.

The policy and manual went even further and lashed out at the burial of Johnny Hallyday in Saint-Barth : “Ah bah this is normal, the fraudster, tax until the end he is evader tax ! Even dead he continues, ” has denounced the unfortunate candidate for the presidential election. “It is known for it, and this is not the only one ! Also around him to the Madeleine, to the funeral, there was a lot of tax evaders ! Mr. Balkany, I think it was here, it was still a world champion for it ! It was an elite, who is called like this today, it was this class of privileged people, which made his little feast – it was someone from their world,” he continued.

Then tackle the discourse of Emmanuel Macron : “No, silly, with its grandiloquences and all that’, justify : “It is necessary to realize that there is a level of poverty that is real, there is a ras-le-bol…”


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