Even if you are not a big romantic, you had eyes a little wet at the end of these films

Cinema 13 February, 2017

We make all the fellows saying not to watch movies of chicks. Or do not cry. Except for those, where the horrible end touches you inevitably.
I know there is a heart beating underneath. Under the appearance of a harsh man, there is a sensitive man. For girls, it’s simpler, they admit it and are not ashamed to cry when a love story ends badly. Especially in these films.
So awful! While he is exiled and runs a cafe in Casablanca, Rick Blaine sees his former love Ilsa reappear. She tells him that she is married and that she still loves him . In the midst of the Second World War, Rick received two letters of transit, and instead of using it for himself and Ilsa, he preferred to save her and her husband. He compels it. And there you are.
Probably Woody Allen’s most successful film. In his role as Alvy Singer, a psychotic actor, he leads a complicated love relationship that is doomed to failure with Annie . And rather than show us this in the usual chronological order, we go from moments to moments, sees slices of life, includes things …
A timing story. Scarlett O’Hara begins by repressing Rhett Butler several times before realizing that it is ultimately his real love, the man of his life. And when she confides it … it’s too late . He realized that he would live better without it. She panics, asks him what to do without him. And Rhett balances him cash he does not care, and bim, end of the story and big bad.
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One more proof that love stories generally end up bad. On board the Titanic, the young Rose meets Jack and an incredible romance sets in . She, an aristocrat, and he, penniless artist, will live intensely their love transi. Until the dramatic end, when Jack sacrifices himself to save her from the frozen sea, the Titanic flowing, people dying.
Jack and Hennis meet as sheep breeders, in the mountains (cf name of the movie guys), and appreciate each other. As time goes on, feelings grow and eventually arrive what should happen. Their story lasts all summer, then for years, in secret, because in the meantime they got married and settled . So they will never openly say that they love each other until the day when Ennis’ wife tells him that Jack died accidentally. Never hide her love.
Young English poet visiting Paris to see and tell the revolution, Christian goes to the Moulin Rouge and falls in love with the dancer Satine. Alas, their story must remain secret because the boss, the Duke of Monroth, also loves the young woman. A complicated love triangle: the boss threatens to kill Christian if Satine continues to see him, the latter stops under the pretext of not loving him, but we realize that she simply wanted to save Christian, avoid the worst. When the latter realizes it, during a performance and a dramatic song, Satine dies right after the curtain.