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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


Capucine Anav and Alain-Fabien Delon, have had enough of living away from one another, and have decided to change things.

It is far, the time where Capucine Anav denied being in a relationship with Alain-Fabien Delon. Took a photo of it next to the actor, son of Alain Delon, during a parade, she claimed that this exit had nothing in any “formalization” of their relationship. Since then, things have changed. The two young men have been spotted together many times, and not hide it any more : they are in love.

So much so, that after 10 months of a relationship without the cloud, they have taken a decision. The former columnist of the Key not at my post and its companion have had enough to make a separate apartment, so they moved in together, in the West of paris, to begin a new life together. A revelation to read as early as tomorrow, Wednesday January 17, 2018, in the columns of the next issue of Gala.

Since the beginning of their romance, the two young people living in a relationship passionate (Alain-Fabien would have even the name of her beautiful tattooed on his arm), but discrete. Faithful to the adage ” To live happily, live hidden “, Capucine Anav and his companion have never raised publicly their love story. The young broadcaster may be willing not to renew the mistakes of the past, his relationship with Louis Sarkozy, the son of the former president of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy have been particularly publicized. For them, today, the discretion.

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Alain-Fabien Delon,Capucine Anav

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