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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Starlet of reality tv, the apprentice actress, influençeuse, columnist and tv presenter and producer of the series, roommate, Capucine Anav will add a new string to his bow. On 8 march, the lyon’s 26-year-old tells her story in the 204 pages of the book “Authentic” (editions Hugo Document).

Strong of its nearly 3 million subscribers on the social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined), Capucine Anav has decided to reveal in a book called ” Authentic “.

Its editor Hudo Document presents his book as such : “We know Capucine Anav as a candidate for reality tv, famous” daughter-of “, host, columnist, sometimes blunderer. No, in reality, it is BELIEVED to know it. Capucine is a young simple woman, real one, who clings to his dreams and catch all the opportunities for it to achieve its purpose. Despite her young age, she has known for many things. The disappointments, the disillusionment, the indiscretions and, even, the depression could have been because of his cheerfulness. On the contrary, they have made still more strong, still more optimistic. Capucine is a go-getter, a fighter who never allows himself to go. It is presented to us, authentic, the head in the stars but feet well anchored on earth, much less naive than you might think… “

There is no doubt that the revelations about the private life of the young woman (who remained a year and a half in a relationship with Louis Sarkozy, and who shares the life of Alain-Fabien Delon for ten months) will be scrutinized by the tabloids. The release of the book is scheduled for 8 march, 2018 at a price of 14,50 euros.

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