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Entertainment 31 August, 2017


Determined and full of energy, Charles Aznavour relentlessly pursues his huge career. It has just received a star on the hollywood Walk of Fame, and will soon start a new tour. This does not prevent to consider regularly to the death…

He became the first author-composer-interpreter French to receive his star on the hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, a true consecration. A 93-year-old, Charles Aznavour does not put an end to his career, at least not for the moment. At the end of the year, he will have even a tour throughout france, then in Russia, and in the rest of the world. The one thatHollywood is nicknamed “The Sinatra French” is packed with energy… which does not prevent him from thinking often to the death, as he has entrusted exclusively to Gala.


He is determined to keep singing and to compose. Yet, he remains lucid, and aware of the passing of time. I’ve written a lot about the death, among others. This is a topic that concerns me. Of course I think about it, but no, I don’t want to die on stage like Molière ! And most importantly, I want to die as late as possible, he explains, aware that it is party to.


Retirement ? Very little to him. Retire for what ? he asks, teasingly. Play golf, tennis, or go fishing every day ? This is not for me… I’ve been lucky that my voice continues to hold up and be healthy, then I will continue as long as possible. For me, retirement is the antechamber of death.


Where draws there all this force, this desire to continue untiringly ? His passion for the song, of course, and a lifestyle beyond reproach. But also of his ” family Benetton , as he likes to call it. His wife Ulla, his soul mate, with whom he has been married for more than fifty years, has always encouraged him to pursue his dreams.She understands that my work is my life, he says, grateful. Its girls Seda and Katia, as well as her granddaughter, Leila, are his first fans. They have accompanied the unveiling of his star on Hollywood Boulevard. I think to be a good father, he believes. But he should ask my children ! As a grandfather, I am very gentle and tolerant. A large family, loving and close-knit, no doubt this is where lies the secret of his youth.

Interview not Vanessa Attali.

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Charles Aznavour

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