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Entertainment 22 January, 2018

Charlotte Gaccio

Charlotte Gaccio starts the year in style : the actress returns to the small screen in his role of Aurélie Schneck in the hit series Sam on TF1. His happiness is increased tenfold, thanks to the birth of his twins, Zoe and Romeo, last November.

She is back ! Charlotte Gaccio campe Aurélie Schneck in the second season of Sam, the hit series aired on Monday on TF1. Exit the professor of French debutante and a stuttering high school, the young woman changes course and becomes an archivist at the CDI (Center of documentation and information). Aurélie took confidence in her, and the actress is delighted. The year 2018 will start really well for Charlotte Gaccio, who appreciates the joys of motherhood : the daughter of Michèle Bernier and Bruno Gaccio gave birth last November to twins, fore mentioned ones Zoe and Romeo. Interview on a little cloud…

Gala.fr : You interpret Aurélie Schneck. Can you tell us about this character ?
Charlotte Gaccio : Aurélie was a French teacher. She had a lot of trouble with the authority, to be obedient students. In this second season, she became a librarian, she worked at the CDI. She found her marks ! She had taken her trust already at the end of the first season, where she found her professional path. And then she falls in love, it makes him a lot of good ! It is a character that evolves in a positive way.

What is it that you want to interpret this role ?
It is a joyful ! It is a small piece of candy within this universe a bit of a rebel, a character quite light and friendly. It’s fun to interpret it.

What commonalities do you share with Jennie ?
The good mood ! This is a girl who is pretty cheerful, pretty blue flower, I think I’m like that, too. However, it does not have the same defects ! (laughter) It’s hard to be heard, and this is not a complex that I have. (laughter)

You have given birth to twins, Zoe and Romeo, in November last, congratulations ! How do you manage your various jobs of the time ?
Thank you ! For the moment, I am on maternity leave so I take care of my children. I have twins perfect : they have made their nights a month and a half, they are wonderful ! They are toddlers, they are going to have three months. Ca is going very well, they are very cute, they make a billion of smiles a day…

What kind of mom are you ?
I don’t know ! (laughter) I am still discovering. I don’t think being a mom stressed. But I am a beginner, I find it a little more every day. I am delighted to have had a boy and a girl at the same time, teach them to respect one and the other equally – to my feminism, that makes a lot of good !

And with dad, Sebastian Pons, how is it going ?
Very well, I have a lot of luck. I knew that it would be great, it is even more super than I thought.

What is it in the life ?
He is a car salesman. It is not at all the same job ! But much better, it’s good to talk about something else to someone who does not have the same constraints.

You have begun posting photos of your children on social networks, but you don’t see their face…
As long as they are not able to say if they like it or not, I will not put their face, even on my pages more “personal” than instagram… I prefer that it can tell me if it is amusing or not, that is up to them to decide and not me. People who want to see them, as they come in !

If your children find themselves in a few years with a teacher like Sam, how would you react ?
What luck ! I was not very adapted to the school. If ever my children have the same problem as me, I think it would be good to come across someone like Sam who has his own codes, which is interested in the students really for what they are and not for the notes they have. The teacher in the ideal, according to me, it is he who does not forget that it is in front of the humans, with their strengths and weaknesses. It is necessary to put forward their personality, know that this is not because we suck at math that it’s silly, it’s may be good also.

What kind of student were you ?
A student in the back of the class. (laughter) The courses I was interested but I wasn’t very suited to the school. When I went into the private sector, in smaller classes, there was more to the students for what they are. There, it was starting to get better…

You already wished to become an actress at the time ?
It is a profession that has always made me feel like. I was doing shows, I déguisais, I took my hair brush and I was doing concerts in front of my mirror… Then, live this business every day with my mother, it looked really nice.

What kind of grandparents are your parents, Michèle Bernier and Bruno Gaccio ?
Gagas, completely ! Really super, they find their marks great-grandparents. My mom is in Paris filming we spend a lot of time together. It’s nice of us to discover in our new roles, at all the two. My dad too, he is a great grand-father. It is even more love added to the family ! They are both very present, they will continue to be more and more in the lives of children.

That is what we can wish you for the year 2018 ?
My children are in good health, that all the world continues to go well… and a possible season 3 of Sam and, I hope, very strong !

Photo credit : PJB/SIPA

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