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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


Six months before the death of Mireille Darc her husband, Pascal Desprez received us in his architecture agency. He gave us news of the one who became his wife, 15 years ago, to tell us more about the life after two brain hemorrhages.

Interview published originally in February 2017, six months before the death of Mireille Darc at the age of 79 years, announced this Monday the 28th of August.

Gala : This time, you have been very afraid, Pascal ?

Pascal Desprez : of course. It is an atomic bomb that fell on it. His heart operation in 2013, this is nothing next to it. Not only has she had two cerebral hemorrhages, but She has had another in the abdomen, as well as of pulmonary complications and cardiac. It is not even a cardiac arrest of 26 seconds. I take this opportunity to clarify that, contrary to what is sometimes peddled, she had no aneurysm, or STROKE. Mimi has no sequelae. (…) For the time being she can’t walk, but that’s just because she has been bed-ridden for seven weeks and her muscles are atrophied.


Gala : it was she who wanted to go home on the 28th of December last ?

Pascal Desprez : She would have liked, and to me, going out for Christmas. We spent all of two in his room of the clinic. There has been more cheerful. But I fought for it, and so be treated in the outpatient setting. Four days later, it was possible. Everything is organized at home. A physio comes to see her every day, she works hard with him, two whole hours, there are nurses who take turns, a stove… His cardiologist, Marc Dufour, also comes on a daily basis. It is followed by the greatest. (…)


Gala : this is for the medical entourage, but otherwise…
Pascal Desprez : It enjoys an incredible chain of love. When she was admitted to hospital emergency, I wrote an email to ” those who love Mireille, who call her Mimi, those who love love and only those “. I asked what had happen to him. I received 278 responses. Everywhere the friends are mobilized. (…)


Gala : And you, Pascal, how are you ?

Pascal Desprez : You may not know that I live since 12 September… (A time and then the eyes filled…) Not only it was necessary to live with the anxiety, but I find myself sometimes alone with terrible medical decisions to take… But I won’t say more, because finally, we’re out of the tunnel. We fought, Mireille is a true miracle, Mimi is going to win because she is Mireille. (…)

Interview by Maryvonne Ollivry

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