EXCLUDED – Father Guy Gilbert, the priest of the gang members : “Johnny Hallyday had been abandoned like most of my youth” Gala

Entertainment 11 December, 2017


A symbol : it is the father Guy Gilbert, nicknamed the ” Priest of the gang members “, who performed the censing of the body of Johnny Hallyday, the church of the Madeleine, Saturday, 9 December. For Gala, he has explained why.

It happened in the black jacket, in tribute to the rocker, the biker, and to all the kids lost that it helps to get out of the street. “Normally I have to wear my dress to the church “, says father Guy Gilbert following the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, the church of the Madeleine, Saturday, 9 December. “But here, exceptionally, I have decided to keep my jacket all black “. Sure of where he is, the priest to the biker jacket covered in Pins offered a day by French president Nicolas Sarkozy has had to bring a smile to our rocker.

Contrary to what one might believe, the father Guy Gilbert and Johnny Hallyday have never met. ” We nearly by two times, explains to us the man of the church, but because of serious educational problems, I had to decline. “ Its “young people” had need of him. For the one whom pope Francis has asked for his 80 years, and which has blessed the marriage of Stromae has a single ambition : to get students out of the street.

“It is for them, my young, that I wanted to be there, it was very important to them because like Johnny, most of them have been abandoned by their parents, they were crazy for him, especially the prisoners. They recognized themselves in his words of distress, but also of life , “says father Guy Gilbert. Who acknowledges to have been “deeply moved” by a ceremony at the once lively, joyful and moving, as he would like the church celebrates more often. ” Now, ” adds the abbot, Guy Gilbert, Johnny is dancing with the angels and has to fuck a sacred brothel in paradise ! “

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