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First suspicious, because withdrawn from the public life, she had eventually said yes to this movie director and movie clips. Broadcast for the first time in 2007 and repeated on Tuesday 9 January to 21 hours on France 2, the show All… for the music, conceived as a film dreamlike, celebrated the return of France in the light which the genius of Michel Berger. François Hanss, the man behind the camera, remembers the singer, but especially the woman…

Gala : How did you convince them to France Gall to participate in All… for the music, in 2007, when she lived out of the spotlight for ten years ?

François Hanss : His last appearance on television was back actually to 1997. It was, I believe, a private concert broadcast by M6. Franck Saurat Carson Prod and artistic director of the time, Anthony Souchet, wanted to pay tribute to him. The difficulty was to surprise her. France did not want to participate in yet another tea varieties. But it seems to me that it was all the same to the heart to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the disappearance of Michel Berger and bring together different generations of artists around his work. I am not a director of flow, I am rather specialized in fiction and documentary. When Franck Saurat, and Anthony Tiger nuts have invited me to an initial appointment in France, I’ve not hidden and I think that appealed to her. I didn’t have the codes with it wished, for its part, overcome. We listened to a lot of. I particularly spoke about music from films composed by Michel, and, soon enough, we agreed on the idea of a film designed as a making-of, shooting in the middle of shooting, with all that out of ordinary to viewers : the backstage, the moments of work and intimacy, listening, and direction. There would be no presenter. France would be followed through the scenery, but also its meetings or reunion with other artists. It would be the first role and the common thread between the different sequences.

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Gala : It was a shooting complicated ?

François Hanss : Fast, especially. We filmed over five days, from noon to 21 hours, France is not really in the morning. I remember very precisely the first plan. On the music for the movie right Bank, left Bank, composed by Michel Berger, France comes in tray. This looks like an entry stage. Has as it progresses, she discovers the screens with the face of Michel… The emotion was palpable, but it could begin in his role of smuggler.

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Gala : What was your first feelings in the face of the woman, renowned for her discretion, but just as much for its verticality ?

François Hanss : France was actually very much in cash, but in a spirit of honesty and time-saving. Aside from that, it could be very maternal. She liked to listen, to advise, to share its experience of life to the people. Nothing escaped him. She knew how to identify his interlocutors. It was absolutely not a snob. His only transgression was probably not practicing the hypocrisy of showbiz. She had a taste for beautiful things, but she also had her doubts. Choose a sofa could take up to three days. It could interrupt a sequence, ask to start over, mimicking what he had to do. But she was not obtuse, she could be seduced by a proposal. It was, indeed, a passionate. She has followed the different steps of All… for the music : the shooting of course, but also the editing, post-production, mixing, etc, She moved, with her little tupperware…

Gala : Calogero, Christophe Maé, Christophe Willem, Diam’s or Amel Bent, among the young artists : it was his choice or a programming developed in a spirit of hearing ?

François Hanss : France was really sensitive to the idea of a passage, of a transmission. She lived withdrawn of the media, but she followed the work of each. She was aware that she could be intimidating, but it does not abuse. The idea, from my side, was to enter it in moments of emotion…

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Gala : one of them has it more marked ?

François Hanss : His reaction to the interpretation of Sing for those who are far from home, for the singer, Christophe. We filmed him at his home, in his apartment in paris, near Montparnasse. France, who discovered the images in the middle of a decor very clean, was really very moved by the few words he addressed to him, and what he has done of the song of Michel. It was very beautiful, a little unreal, like a dream. I don’t want to be complacent, magneto, and back shelf, as is too often seen in variety shows. I had a heart to reveal, through looks, gestures, all that may seem trivial, but is nevertheless essential.

Gala : Have you had any clips of the funny ?

François Hanss : there has been quite a lot. We have, for example, secured the participation of Céline Dion, at the very last moment. But he had to film his interpretation of Ziggy during a dinner break, as she tossed another issuance, on the Plaine Saint-Denis. Thus, we used the backstage of this show, with its fly-box and its cables, as a backdrop. Celine has not sought to understand, she simply told me : “I trust you ! “The sequence with Françoise Hardy is still the most memorable… It had to get my head spinning all night, and his reunion with France. Very traqueuse, like Johnny Hallyday, it arrived well before the time of the loan-to-turn. At the end of a certain time, she learned from a wizard that France is neither there, nor in the way, and she seriously begins to get impatient. I then decided to present him with an apology and asked him to turn, without France in the counter field. These plans are amazing, they are the perfect illustration of the expectation evoked in the song’s Personal Message. France finally came by surprise, while we were shooting, and the reaction of Françoise who is amused, despite her long wait, is beautifully authentic.

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Gala : France Gall did it expressing his gratitude, after the first broadcast of All… for the music, in 2007 ?

François Hanss : to tell the truth, she did, when we finished shooting our last scene with Vanessa Paradis and Matthieu Chedid, Nice. Vanessa was on tour, he took us to join her and film the interior of the Palais Nikaia. At the end of the filming, while we were alone, France has caught me the hands and said : “Michael would be happy. “On the evening of the broadcast of All… for the music, it was proposed that we look at the issue in it. I couldn’t join, I had to take care of my sick mother. This evening, I saw the end credits scroll, but at the same time, I received a call from France. This is someone who counts a lot in my professional life, but also my personal life. France has managed to manifest itself, when I lost my mother…

Immense sadness…

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Gala : when will you go back to your last trade ?

François Hanss : at his request, I realized the clip Resists, the first preview of his musical of the same name, in 2015. Last September, she sent me a text message, with a screenshot of All… for the music and the words : “We think of you… Ten years already !!! We embrace you strong “…

Interview by Thomas Durand

Photo credits : Sipa

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