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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


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A month after the death of Johnny Hallyday, his decorator Philippe Puron, which designed four of the houses in the rocker, has evoked memories of unforgettable moments spent at his side.

The death of Johnny Hallyday has left a great void in the hearts of the French. To her loved ones, the loss is all the more painful. Laeticia Hallyday has left, in the beginning of the week, the paradise island of Saint-Barth, where her husband rests for eternity, and has joined his haven of peace in Los Angeles, in the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, a place of many family memories. A still amazing, decorated by Philippe Puron, which has become, over the years, and fruitful collaborations, a close relative of Johnny Hallyday. “He loved to visit houses, I went with him often. Sometimes he called me in the morning, he told me ‘you need to come see a home with me’ “, he said to Gala.fr.

The decorator remembers, moreover, a man of engaging personality. “It was simple… He and Laeticia were the people extremely nice. Johnny was introverted, shy, but it was someone nice, someone human. He did not like conflict. Laeticia has done the cleaning in the surroundings, anyway… “, says Philippe Puron, which is full of amusing anecdotes on the rocker.

“I remember that, one day, he came home to Los Angeles, we had to go to dinner at the restaurant. He parked in the street in the opposite direction. I warned that he would verbalize it, but he did not want to change of place. When we returned, it wasn’t missed : it had a PV… I first kept. Then the next day, against all odds, he called me to ask me to make him ! He was very respectful : he would have been able to make fun of it, it was in the United States. Then it was Johnny, though ! But no, he still paid his fine, ” says the decorator, who welcomes the end-of-train : It was a fun one too ! He liked to hide behind the door when I arrived home, to make me afraid,” laughs Philippe Puron.

The photos of the home of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday in Los Angeles are available here.
To discover the achievements of Philippe Puron, its internet site : http://www.philippepuron.com/

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

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