EXCLUDED – Karine Ferri, weakened and strengthened “after the death of Grégory Lemarchal :” life no longer has the same weight ” – Gala

Entertainment 23 August, 2017


Ten years after the tragic death of Grégory Lemarchal, his companion of the time, the presenter Karine Ferri, comes to engage exclusively in the columns of Gala at that point in time where everything changed for her.

He lived a perfect story of love under the watchful eye of so many fans who were in Grégory Lemarchal et Karine Ferri a young couple ready to triumph over everything, even the disease, but fate decided otherwise. Ten years after the disappearance Grégory Lemarchal away at the age of 23 years old by the cystic fibrosis on April 30, 2007, Karine Ferri, as we know, has not forgotten these days, so happy that have succeeded the pain, the sorrow and the anger. Marked forever by the disappearance of the singer with the voice of the angel whom she shared life since September 2005, the moderator old today, 35 years has been able to rebuild and go forward into the arms of the footballer, Yoann Gourcuff, with whom she welcomed a small Maël last year.


The role of a mom as she talks in an exclusive interview given in the columns of the Gala on newsstands this week. A long interview where the facilitator goes back to the thread of his history, explaining the why of his hypersensitivity, of which the roots are obviously planted in this drama that was the sudden death of Grégory Lemarchal : “ I was already very sensitive but when the unthinkable happens, after, it is hard to feel light, life no longer has the same weight. In an age where we tend to believe that nothing can happen to us or stop us, an age where it is fun, I had to face a reality that has changed my life forever. I was at once weakened and strengthened because now I know to take full advantage of every moment, I try to print, look on the bright side. I live sometimes as if everything could stop tomorrow.


His family as a refuge from the turmoil of the world, Karine Ferri currently lives between Paris and Rennes where plays Yoann Gourcuff, with whom she recently se pacser. An administrative process that it takes to put into perspective because for her, ” the most beautiful commitment is to give life, to have a child. “

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