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Entertainment 6 December, 2017


In 2006, Johnny Hallyday played in Jean-Philippe, alongside Fabrice Luchini, a film in which he imagined his life away from show business. Into the abyss clever of this artist who is loved above all the routine and daily life. Its director, Laurent Tuel, evokes for us a Johnny “everyman”.

Full timeline of the series an announcer as he prepares for France 2, Laurent Tuel, who had worked with Johnny Hallyday on film Jean-Philippe was, as the impression of having lost a loved one: “I would not say that it was a friend, because the term is quickly overused when we’re talking about a myth, like Johnny, but it was a buddy from work yes. We have known each other since 1997, we saw each other from time to time, he invited me to his concerts…” In Jean-Philippe, the film in which he directed ” Johnny Hallyday at the side of Fabrice Luchini, Laurent Tuel was amused to imagine the myth in the life of an “everyman”. A situation that was not to displease to the main question:

“Why Johnny was the favorite singer of the French? Because he liked the simplicity. Even if he has never known the life of mr. everybody, he loved to be near them. I remember having spent an afternoon with him in the garden of his house in Marnes-la-Coquette, for inflating balloons, while Laeticia was preparing a cake in the kitchen. He loved it, do stuff in the house, hanging out in the kitchen. He was someone fairly reserved, shy, not quite the showman that we know on stage.”

Laurent Tuel remembers also the hygiene of life on the set of Jean-Philippe:

“He eats light, do not drink alcohol, was very careful. Laeticia – who loved to cook, he was preparing his tupperware of quinoa and brown rice… It did not go out, he slept he knew what he needed to stay focused. He had known of excessive of course, but he knew how to maintain the machine in order to take twelve weeks of filming”.

Twelve weeks that will remain engraved in the memory of Laurent Tuel. And which now take on a special dimension.

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