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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


In the last fifteen years, the presenter of France 2 sharing his life between Paris and Los Angeles. More than a place of retirement, the megalopolis of california has imposed itself as the ” land of renaissance “. Then it will present a new game The 5 gold rings – premium 20h55 on the 24th of August, and then weekly, on Saturdays at 17: 45, from August 26 – check out his life under the California sun…

Student. The word crept into the conversation, without taking too much attention. The line crackles a little. There is the echo. Olivier Minne wakes up in the middle of the Grand Canyon, he does discover his mother and other members of his family, since a few days. ” I’m a perpetual student. “ The formulation resounds suddenly, more strangely, to our ears. Mr. Fort Boyard has celebrated its fiftieth birthday, the 18th of march last.

“My parents, both artists, have taught me that we learn all the time. And by following courses of the Actors’s Studio, exploring the method, Lee Strasberg, here, I’ve really become aware of them. When you participate in a master class with Al Pacino, it is far more hard-hitting “,- cut-t-it, with, if not a tendency to the impairment, a humility that has nothing to do with posture.

Born in Belgium, educated at the Jesuits, landed in Paris at the end of the eighties, to follow the Cours Florent, first attendant, mail sorter at Antenna 2, Olivier Minne confirms thathe has never wanted to ” be famous “. He was no longer deposited his luggage at Los Angeles, in 2002, in a quest for glory, the foam of which he already knew, then, impermanence. At the time, Minne is “carbo,” as they say in the trade.

L. A. will be the ” land of renaissance “. Has the head of a company, Olive tree Productions, he wrote, offers or produces documentaries for the us cable, is scouting for other Europeans willing to plant their cameras in California. There are no reports of ” no schizophrenia “. ” I am more easily than in Paris at the supermarket, dressed in a jogging, the hair in battle, “he said. But when someone does recognize me, I am always touched. I did not like the intrusion. I, on the contrary, the feeling of having been able to create a link. “

Living in the San Fernando Valley, north of the city, it comes out a little. By choice. His days are disciplined : wake up at 5: 30, workout and cardio in a club in order to unwind the body but also the spirit in the stride, then writing sessions and readings, screenings of old films ” so much to teach me about the american psyche, through the ages, that to entertain myself “…

Green Card holder since 2010, Olivier has not forgotten France. ” The more I pull away, the more I observe with acuity and interest “, he swears, while recognizing that the distance has ” freed from a sense of modesty, of complex : in L. A., I can follow my desires “


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