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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


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Laeticia Hallyday love to cook, it does not deprive never for the pleasure of the stomachs demanding of the people she loves. Naturally, when it comes to making his home in Los Angeles, in the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, the wife of the ‘ deceased asked his decorator Philippe Puron that its kitchen combines elegance with functionality.

Between Laeticia Hallyday and the kitchen, it is a great story. The wife of Johnny Hallyday loves to concoct delicious dishes for family and friends, who are ever to the praise of his talents behind the stoves. Last November, the producer Jean-Claude Camus rented the kitchen of the widow of the rocker in the press. “lI is necessary to open up a restaurant. It is a four star hotel ! She had made us lobster in broth … Worthy of Guy Savoy ! Then a fish/caviar, a splendour”, he marveled in the columns of Closer.

The kitchen is a room very special in the cozy nest of Hallyday, Laeticia has actually had a few requirements for its manufacture in his house in Los Angeles, in the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades, with the interior designer Philippe Puron. “It was necessary that if it is large and quite complete, with refrigerators, such as those that it had already in Marnes-la-Coquette “, details there, joined by Gala.fr. All comfort, the kitchen Laeticia is in his own image : chic, elegant and friendly.

The artist has designed the interior of the four houses of Johnny Hallyday, he has become a close family. He also had the opportunity to enjoy the dishes tasty Laeticia. “She cooks really well. She is able to prepare a dinner with ease and a performance that is so fast…, ” he says, impressed. We discovered a lot of restaurants together. She loves good food,” says Philippe Puron.

The photos of the home of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday in Los Angeles are available here.
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Photo credit : CVS / Veeren / Bestimage

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