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Entrenched in the silence since the death of his son, announced on July 7, Sheila can count on the support of its “sisters of the heart” in the event of the mourning…

“When the memories come back, I have like a glare. It is said that the body remembers the beatings and injuries. Not only “” at the time, the trade mumbled : there was no marketing plan, for example. We were, we also, novices “” The link between Sylvie and me has always been Françoise “… These exchanges, punctuated with bursts of laughter, dating back to 2006. All three were slipping under a duvet, in front of the lens of Jean-Marie Périer for the magazine L’express. As incredible as it may seem, it was their very first interview common. Sylvie Vartan, Françoise Hardy, Sheila : three idols yéyé, three accomplished artists, three friends for life. Impossible to describe one without talking about the other.

The success that frees us, to the applause of the profession and the public console of the loves frustrated, the maternity of a single child who overturns the outlook… Since the early 60’s, their trajectories are similar. They were of the same family, or at least the same generation of women, who – admittedly with the help of their mothers – already wanted it all work : the professional and private life.

For Sylvie and Françoise, nothing to deplore in the side garden. Their son, David Hallyday and Thomas Dutronc, flourished as men and artists, without ever falling into the pitfalls of fame. Another story of Sheila and Ludovic Chancel, born of his marriage with Ringo.

Found lifeless in his paris home and rushed to the hospital Georges Pompidou in paris, the young man of 42 years died last July 7. End of a tormented life, unable to find appeasement and, according to some, to play in the shadow of the mother. An investigation is underway into the causes and the exact circumstances of his disappearance, too quickly mistaken for a suicide by the media, and dismissed as an accidental death by drug overdose by his mother.

After two days spent at the bedside, Sheila has decided to hold on to these words of any young mother, pronounced in front of the television cameras, in the spring of 1975 : ” It’s going to give me responsibilities much larger and most importantly, I’m going to fight for him. “Only, or almost.

Ludovic Chancel was neither a partner nor legally married to Sylvie Ortega Munos, his last girlfriend. Ringo, his father, is not always manifested, decidedly indifferent to this son, whom he had directed to the distance and to oblivion, at the beginning of the nineties. Thus, his mother must bear his responsibility, to settle the long and arduous administrative procedures linked to his or her death, without respite.

Held away from the media and on social networks by his entourage, Sheila cling to other words. Those of Sylvie Vartan and Françoise Hardy, which have arisen, and with discretion, respect and benevolence, in the days following the announcement of the death of Ludovic.

Words of mothers, which come from the heart. Of the words between ” sisters “, which belong to them. Words that Sheila will never forget…

You can read our entire topic “Sheila : a mother in search of truth” in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Wednesday, 9 August.

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