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While Sheila does not despair of knowing the causes and exact circumstances of the death of his son Ludovic Chancel, declared on 7 July last, the singer ensures the tranquility of a small girl’s, high in the discretion of 16 years,…

He had mentioned in his book Son of, released in 2005. But she was raised by her mother, away from the media and regulations of account. The relatives of his father to ensure that she looks like him, but she reminded just as his illustrious grand-mother at the same age.

She is the daughter of Ludovic Chancel, the granddaughter of Sheila. A teenager of 16 years, including the name, the face and the silhouette must remain secret. In recent years, as his son escaped him, Sheila was brought closer to this little girl. Since the death of Ludovic, the 7 July last, the singer wants more than ever to preserve the anonymity of the girl.

One day, Sheila told her his ” Ludo “, this brilliant child and a charmer, before it gets lost in the parisian nights. The girl already knows her history, she… On June 30, 2000, Ludovic Chancel, is about to marry a certain Rosa, in Louveciennes. The newlyweds have known each other since the age of 15 years. Sheila suffered from the emancipation thoughtless of her son and her hasty departure from the home of Feucherolles, a few years earlier. But this June 30, 2000, she is thrilled, all is forgiven. Its Ludo seems to want to engage in a life project. His daughter-in-law is soft and raised, dream to become a lawyer. The parents of this last, a couple of guards from the building of Portuguese origin, remind him of his own parents, Micheline and André Chancel, indefatigable merchants of candy.

Childhood friend and witness of Ludovic Chancel, June 30, 2000, Franck Pedretti confirms : ” Rosa was a girl of exceptional, educated, rich of values. “ Before adding : ” just married to Ludo, she forgave him the unforgivable : an extra marital relationship and the birth of a daughter. “ This child, it is the sixteen year-old Sheila today want to protect.

His mother, a certain Benedict, has been achieved only one, until now. A true lover of Ludovic Chancel, at the time of their affair, he quickly had to resolve to this atavism : Ludo would be a father just as absent as hers, the singer Ringo.

Ludovic Chancel and Rosa end up in divorce. In the entourage of the son of Sheila, it warns of any miss. Franck Pedretti remembers : ” I encouraged Ludo to take his revenge on life and become this father who had more or less failed. But Ludo was superinfluençable and fauna of Châtelet-Les Halles, where he kept a store, was probably not the best intentioned. “

The following is just a long drift, sufficiently commented. But this time, she vowed, Sheila will not let go the hand.

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