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Entertainment 9 August, 2017


For the past month, the singer seeks to elucidate the circumstances of the death of his son. Away from the rumors and untruths, the intuitions have become oppressive…

But that happened in the evening of the 5 July ? For more than a month, the question has doubts, nourishes fears, and mobilize the hopes also. As long as it has not been resolved, no work of mourning possible for Sheila.

It was on that night, shortly before midnight, Sylvie Ortega Munos, last girlfriend of Ludovic Chancel, found his lifeless body in their parisian home and alerted the emergency first-aid. Towards 2 o’clock in the morning, the decision was taken to carry the son of Sheila to the hospital Georges Pompidou. It was not until the middle of the morning of 6 July that the singer was prevented, by Sylvie, of the tragedy that occurred a few hours earlier.

For two days, the two women crossed to the bedside of Ludovic. Two days to hope for a revival, a sign of survival. Two days to exchange the minimum between them. Sheila was aware of Sylvie’s entry in the life of Ludovic since 2010. But ” Ludo “, his acquaintances, his lifestyle choices, he escaped for so long. In 2012, she had had to lodge a complaint against this son who threatened him ” rotting life “. They had resumed. Or rather, Sheila responded to her calls, one day, tender and selfless, the following are justified by a need for money.

The singer has not understood the eagerness of Sylvie to share his grief on his page Facebook, to 1h21 of the morning, the 8th of July, so that Ludovico had just died at only 42 years of age a little earlier. An official press release had to be rushed.

The days following the death of his son, so that rumors of suicide were increasing, soon to be relayed by the thesis of a death by accidental drug overdose, it was mostlyto try to understand what could happen during the evening of 5 July.

Sheila did eventually lodge a complaint. An investigation was initiated to elucidate the causes and exact circumstances of the death of Ludovic Chancel.

The last people to have shared the intimacy of the deceased, Sylvie Ortega Munos andLucien Mamou, close to Ludovic for his emancipation of the domicilial family there are more than twenty years, have been heard by the police. A search took place at the home of the son of Sheila. His mother waits on the progress of the investigation.

To this day, according to the results of the survey, three options are presented : the classification of the folder without result, an update of the responsibilities, or the resumption of the case by a judge.

You can read our entire topic “Sheila: a mother in search of truth” in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Wednesday, 9 August.

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