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Saturday 9 December, Thomas Dutronc will certainly be the only one representing the family Dutronc the funeral of Johnny Hallyday. His father, Jacques Dutronc, and his mother, Françoise Hardy, preferring to live out their sentences far away from the crowd and cameras. Since childhood, Thomas Dutronc meets Johnny Hallyday, but the real meeting occurred quite recently, on the tour of the Old Scoundrels. It tells…

“When we lived in the Xivth arrondissement, Johnny had to spend two or three times to the house, remembers Thomas Dutronc, but I’ve little seen as a small. I remember on the other hand be going to see him in concert on the occasion of his album written by Michel Berger. It was at the Zenith. And this is the only concert that I saw with my parents -my mother had managed to drag my father ! “

Like all of us, Thomas Dutronc speaks of this stamp, powerful, amazing… “It was the boss,” he said. No one comes to the ankle. “It also bears witness to this love to be “real” for his audience. “On stage, when he said : “I am pleased to be with you, I love you “, nothing was faked. He was never in a posture. It was a lesson for me.”

And then Johnny Hallyday was the rock ‘n roll, sixties-seventies that he loves, because musically, it was a time when” it was playing really, ” as he says. Probably also because it’s the back to the youth of his parents, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy. “When Johnny sang The penitentiary on stage, tells the story of Thomas Dutronc, it was replongés in another era, with his death, disappears… You can remember the night can be, but we can not keep the time. And me I wanted to remember this time.”

Thomas Dutronc remembers a tv where his father, Johnny, and he had to sing a whole It is terrible. But Jacques Dutronc is not come here, then it is Eddy Mitchell, who was replaced at short notice. “Sometimes, in tv, tells the story of Thomas, the atmosphere between the singers is not necessarily always cool, there are still a few battles of ego.But with Johnny, it was the reverse. It was such a kindness, such a tune ! At the end of the song, I had even given some advice and I had realized then how much of it was a plodder, a huge professional. “

Thomas Dutronc admit to be part of the people who became fans of Johnny on the late. If he has always loved, when he discovers that the rocker gives on stage on the first tour of the Old rogues, he is upset. “At that moment, Johnny came into his heart”, says he.

Last night’s #printempsdeperouges #lesvieillescanailles were magical. From what Eddy told me to come in to the bar scene on the night of the first I found myself on stage with them as soon as I come to see them. I have the chance… plus this time I managed to borrow the beautiful biker jacket of the father. This evening it will be already the last one in Carcassonne ! At any time. 😎🎸

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Is this only for the last date of the Old scoundrels, to Carcassonne, his family felt that it would be his last time on stage ? “Frankly no ! says Thomas Dutronc. We were all very worried at the beginning, the day of the first, because he was just leaving a big chemo, he was not well, and has cancelled rehearsals. But after that, there have been some days where it is Johnny who was at the bottom to make the scales, and it is Eddy and my father were gouged out ! We told everyone that it was a phoenix. As he had all the medical support needed. I’ve seen my mother out in the nick of time so I had hope.”

After a concert in Strasbourg, Johnny Hallyday takes everyone to dinner in a restaurant in alsace that he knows. “It was with my father, Eddy, and Laeticia, it was blagué and Johnny sang stuff of the sixties “. One evening, while Thomas takes a Polaroid of the bar, Johnny, joke, makes him the finger. The mood and the humour is slapstick. And even if the photo is a dude, tom is going to keep it preciously.

As to the last of the Old Scoundrels, it is still Johnny that is that everyone goes out to eat and a drink, just to be together, to celebrate. “I also remember that my father was a little bit tired, it was not safe to go there, it is I who insisted “. Thomas had been right. The opportunity won’t come again. “I learned of the death of Johnny in the night, seeing a news report down on my iphone,” says Thomas Dutronc. I wasn’t expecting. The rumors were more and more alarming. And Laeticia had warned my dad, three weeks ago, a month, that it was no longer going to… Between Jean d’ormesson and the French culture that I love takes a shot. And then this which makes me very sad with the death of Johnny, is that I tell myself that one day my father will die. And I don’t want to…”

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