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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


Valérie Trierweiler is the French ambassador of Finland Trophy, a raid female in Lapland, which takes place from Thursday January 25 to 29, for the benefit of the association Keep A Breast. Running, cycling, cross-country skiing… How the journalist is prepared to these physical tests ?

Three days of sport in Lapland, between this Thursday, January 25 to 29 – which is to say that it is a real challenge for Valérie Trierweiler. The journalist from Paris Match is indeed the French ambassador of the first edition, the Finland Trophy, alongside Kylie Minogue, the ambassador of australia. This raid is a multi-sport female Lapland is organised by Christelle Gauzet, ex-candidate’s victorious Koh Lanta, and Thierry Jacob, for the benefit of Keep A Breast, an association that aims to sensitize young people to the cancer of the breast. In the program : a run in sneakers or snowshoes on a course of 20 miles on the first day, 40 miles of fat bike (mountain BIKE with very large wheels) on the second day, and then, to finish off, an obstacle course of 1.5 km and 10 km of cross-country skiing.

Valérie Trierweiler, yet almost broken to the exercise to be done in June 2017 the raid Challenge Them to Arcachon and then the Raid of the trade Winds in 2016 in Martinique, says to remain “clear-eyed” about its performance. “I do not intend to measure with Laury Thilleman, godmother of Finland Trophy, because it is a great sport. I think I will be a few kilometers behind it,” sliding-t-she laughs, contacted by Gala.fr. By teaming up with a fellow journalist of Paris Match, Paola Vaurs, the ambassador intends to give everything. “There are girls who are preparing for a year, me I’m going to try to do the best. I do not aim for the podium. My goal is to talk about the raid, to be in solidarity with those who are running, and the finish”, she summarizes.

To do this, the journalist has prepared physically for three months. “I went to the gym every day, between 1h and 1h30, to be able to recover a little stamina and muscle mass. I did the cardio, muscle strengthening, in group classes such as Pilates, Body Pump (during muscle building full, editor’s note), RPM (cycling indoor), CXWorx (the course of strengthening of the abdominal belt). I am also trained on cardio machines : treadmill and elliptical, ” she says.

Because the sport is not everything, Valérie Trierweiler has also watched his diet. “I have a coach food, which I had already followed when I did the raid of the trade Winds : Bénédicte The Belly, she is a doctor of physiology. She has rebalanced my diet, which has allowed me to lose 7 kg, to be a bit more fit to do these races. It is not in the limitation, but rather on the combination of foods, ” says the ambassador of Finland Trophy, who does not deprive himself : “I have the right to eat chocolate every day ! But dark chocolate, I put two tablets in my suitcase.” What give him the energy needed to finish the raid and promoting a cause that is dear to them.


Valérie Trierweiler

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