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Entertainment 25 January, 2018

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Valerie Trierweiler participates to the Finland Trophy, a raid female in Lapland, which takes place this Thursday, January 25 to 29, organized for the benefit of Keep A Breast, an association that fight against the cancer of the breast. A cause very special to the reporter : one of her best friends succumbed to the disease 15 years ago.

After the Raid of the trade Winds in Martinique in 2016 and then the Raid Challenge Them to Arcachon in June 2017, Valérie Trierweiler participates again in a sporting event-intensive : it is the ambassador, to the sides of the singer Kylie Minogue, the Finland Trophy from Thursday 25 to 29 January – a raid multisport women in Lapland, organized by Christelle Gauzet, winner of Koh Lanta, for the benefit of the association Keep A Breast, which aims to educate young people about breast cancer. To prepare, the journalist from Paris Match, has been training for three months, combining sessions of sport daily diet.

If the ambassador of the event implies as much, it is because the fight against breast cancer is a cause that is dear to them. “One of my best friends is dead 15 years ago, reveals Valerie Trierweiler, contacted by Gala.fr. At the time, I didn’t feel concerned. Yet, one in eight women has breast cancer in France, it causes 12,000 deaths per year – this is the 1st cause of death for women in France. Seeing these figures, I told myself that it had to be done know, care about, helping women who have suffered… I felt a lot more supportive than I was. Ca has given me the desire to be anything other than a figure in the media “, explains the journalist.

In addition to the combat, Valérie Trierweiler also appreciates the atmosphere of “extraordinary” of these raids female. “It crosses the whole range of emotions, power of 1 000. It is a great brewing social, it is all in sports, nobody knows who is doing what. On the last day, when all is said and done, that we learn to know each other better, we realize that there are a wide variety of professions, age… it breaks all the barriers “, she says. The Finland Trophy promises incredible moments : “older patients are involved, as well as a mother and her daughter, a woman surgeon (dr. Amelie Gesson), specialising in breast cancer, in the operation of the tumours and reconstruction, short with patients – it is full of great stories, is upset the reporter.

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