EXCLUSIVE – After her epilepsy crisis live, Sveva Alviti, heroine of “Dalida”, is better

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

Thursday, January 5, the Canal + Grand Journal tray, Italian actress, heroine of the biopic Dalida , collapsed live. The price of an out-of-the-ordinary investment in his role, even though the film team announces that it is going much better.

She has pushed the identification, to capsize under the weight of the legend . Breathtaking incarnation of Dalida in the eponymous film, in theaters this January 11, Italian actress Sveva Alviti has sucité emotion in fainting on the Grand Journal tray , live on Canal +, this Thursday, January 5th.
While the brother of the singer, Orlando , speaking, sitting on his right, the young 32 year old woman turned back to the audience, before collapsing on the floor. Witnesses impressive malaise, the audience barely had time to hear the filmmaker Lisa Azuelos say it was a seizure . The program was subsequently interrupted.
The anxiety can be dispelled. After a night in the hospital, Sveva regained his spirits and rests. His participation in the JT de France 2 this Sunday evening, scheduled a few weeks ago, remains in suspense. The film team would prefer to spare it, but insists on the well-being of the actress.
Former model, winner of Elite Model Look contest, the blonde Romaine has emerged as the ideal interpreter of Dalida in the eyes of Lisa Azuelos, because of its uncanny resemblance to the singer and his understanding of the character , adulated star but injured woman By life. “If I had an idea of ​​genius, it is good to engage him. Without her, I could never have made this film. I think she is out of the ground to embody Dalida (…) No one else had given me so much emotion she ” recently told Lisa Azuelos our colleagues from Paris Match .
I nstalled in New York, Sveva, alerted organized casting to find the heroine of Dalida , failed not to attend. Disappointed by the lack of opportunities in the cinema, despite his work with Susan Batson, coach of Nicole Kidman , the beautiful Italian prepares to hang up his dreams of acting. His agent dissuaded him. Sveva does not know French well, does not know how to sing or dance, but she sends a filmed essay to the production of biopic. Which reminds and ends up preferring to Laetitia Casta or Penelope Cruz , among 250 actresses embody contacted for Dalida. His interpretation of the title I’m sick has removed all doubts of Lisa Azuelos . “I had to separate myself from the person I was living , I was in a great state of suffering and life was starting to get tired” , told Sveva in Paris Match .
For 9 months, 6 days out of 7, the actress will slip into the skin of the one with which she said have “much in common” , “between darkness and light, strength and passion” . Coaches of French, dance and singing make it repeat until mimicry. Sveva no longer plays Dalida, she is Dalida. She has not started filming, it entered into with the interpreter of religion Gigi in Paradisco .
Ex-tennis champion during childhood, Sveva knows the effort and concentration. But Dalida is not incarnated without danger. It is a life of heavy tears to wear. The actress recounts her childhood during which she lived the professional journeys of her father as an abandonment. She worries for her mother, whom she imagines dead in order to feel the deep dismay of Dalida …
Since the premiere of the film, at the Olympia in December, she has not left her role. Orlando, Dalida’s brother, considers her as another little sister, Hollywood extends her arms. Sveva recently evoked her desire to found a family, something that she has never achieved on the screen. The world is going to discover it thanks to Dalida, Sveva wants to make him in turn this gift: to live happily.