Fadty Shades Darker: Anastasia chooses spanking in a new extract

Cinema 7 February, 2017

More than a few hours before finally discovering Fifty Shades Darker in the dark rooms and to celebrate the release, we share with you a new excerpt!
Anastasia has changed since the first part of Fifty Shades Of Grey ! While the young woman fled Christian Gray after being punished too severely for her taste, we find her in the middle of a masked auction with the millionaire and more determined than ever to impose her rules. Yes, in Fifty Shades More Dark, it’s not Christian that makes the law , but rather the woman who managed to bend the man who seemed emotionally lost forever. The change is not easy for Christian who has a little trouble struggling against his old habits and would like to punish Ana for his disobedience.
As you can see in the excerpt above, the young woman who is now much more at ease is even more surprising! Ana would prefer Christian to spank him rather than prostrate at his feet. Alala, these two are decidedly made for each other. We give you an appointment tomorrow to the movies and especially already proposed and already you discover the first images of Fifty Shades Freed.