Fanny (Secret Story 10), pregnant and radiant: Her belly is well rounded!

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

The young woman is filled …
It was a first in the history of Secret Story . On September 15, the candidate Fanny announced live at the end of a Weekly from issuance of reality TV NT1 she was pregnant with her first child .
Since the end of the game won this year by the friendly Julien , the Swiss candidate 25 years, established in Portugal with her fiancé Joao , never misses an opportunity to give news to his fans between two product placements on Instagram. So, on Tuesday, December 27, Fanny has for example unveiled radiant and the belly more and more rounded on his account followed! “Pure happiness “, she commented legend showing the cliché radiant with her baby bump as she took the pose against an orange wall.
Of course, some of her 306,000 subscribers took the opportunity to compliment her expecting a little boy whom she intends to call Sandiego. ” Beautiful future mother “, ” You’re too beautiful Fanny I am eager to see your mini you “, ” You’re a r sun ayon fanny with your little bottle of Love ,” ” Fanny I love I hope you that your baby will be like you! “it read.