Fans imagine their favorite characters typing selfies, normal

Cinema 6 February, 2017

It’s true that having a mobile phone on your own changes everything. We disconnect but you do what without? And even a selfie can be justified, so we stop mocking.
And that’s where we realize that technology is still a good thing. Casually, owning a mobile phone today is essential . If only for a few minutes or hours without, when you do not have any more battery, you galley a little a lot. For everything. As these heroes of movies, series and cartoons who did not see the bad guys arrive, the entourloupe get ready, could not note and retain ideas, clues or remarks …
But that’s not all ! We must not forget the selfies. This habit of constantly take pictures, for x reasons, often criticized and ridiculed may be useful indeed . Like immortalizing a touching moment. Salvation itself, according to certain situations drawn by fans with the overflowing imagination. Any other character ideas you would like to see in selfie mode?