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Entertainment 15 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

France is in mourning since the death of Johnny Hallyday. Its fans most fans are inconsolable, without marks, some even think the worst…

The death of Johnny Hallyday has upset France. The homage which was rendered to him in Paris on Saturday 11 December is the precious witness : thousands of fans and the survivors collected themselves, in a great communion. A week after, the aficionados of the star are always very marked. Disoriented, some lost in their idol-a true landmark. “My neighbor saw that by Johnny. As soon as he had a hard shot, he said, ‘At least, there’s Johnny…’. And now ? It is collapsed. (…) He told me that he was going to get booze and take médocs, “says Elina to France tv Info.

“There was one thing in me that is gone. People say to me that there’s still the CD, but it’s not the same. It was my reason for living, my religion. When you have a passion and that you lose, it’s hard. But it must be strong, hang on to something else. Fortunately, he has friends and a job, otherwise I don’t know if I would still be there,” explains Jean-Pierre, the neighbor in question, always to France tv Info.

The death of Johnny Hallyday has awakened the impulses of morbid in some fans. “When I heard it, I failed to open my veins… It is too sad. (…) His death, it is as if we lost a member of our family, ” said José with deCloser. “Because we all have, not something to Tennessee, but something you, Johnny ; that, without you, the music is like Paris without its Eiffel Tower,” says a fan.

Photo credits : Agence/ Bestimage

Johnny Hallyday

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