Fans of The Walking Dead, take on a new challenge while waiting for season 8!

Cinema 5 April, 2017

It’s time to take part in a new challenge! If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, it’s here …
The time looks very long before the return of the zombie series! So yes, Season 7 of The Walking Dead was definitely not the best, but it’s still hard to say we’re going to have to wait until October to see what happens next . However, we will have to make a reason, we will attend the Great War Rick / Negan only in October. So, to support the lack and while waiting for season 8, we propose you to re-check the episodes of the AMC show and to take part in the challenge The Walking Dead launched by the site Spotern . Kezako? We’ll explain!
Do not know Spotern ? You will soon become addicted to series and cinema buffs! The collaborative site proposes to you to find the objects, clothes and accessories of your favorite programs and to buy them . Who has never dreamed of owning his own copy of Lucille, Negan’s famous bat? With Spotern, it becomes possible! And because you know that you are genuine fans of The Walking Dead , you are invited to participate in #CHALLENGETWD ! You have until April 17 and we explain everything here … Go!