Fantastic Animals 2: Zoe Kravitz teases the relationship between Newt and Leta Lestrange

Cinema 17 January, 2017

Between Leta Lestrange and Newt Scamander, things will not be easy! Zoe Kravitz has just teased the relationship they will have in The Fantastic Animals 2.
Newt Scamander may not be Harry Potter but we already love him almost as much as he does! With his innocent air and a little side of the plate and his love of magical creatures, the character embodied by Eddie Redmayne proves to be a successor worthy of our wizard with glasses. So, it is very curious to learn more about him in Fantastic Beasts 2, some details of the plot were revealed , starting with why he was expelled from Hogwarts. But there is one aspect of the character especially that marked us in the first film and which should be much more explored in the second film. The editorial ‘of melty obviously wants to talk about … his relationship with Leta Lestrange , the grandmother of the Death Eaters Rodolphus Lestrange. Obviously, the Leta family name does not really inspires confidence, but who knows, it may not be show as sinister as his descendants . Meanwhile, it is clear that the young woman will have an important role in Fantastic Beasts 2 (which in itself is not very complicated, right?). The proof is Zoe Kravitz, his interpreter, who confirms it!
In an interview for Collider, the young actress said she was very excited to be part of the project – although she does not yet have a very precise idea of ​​how her character and that of Eddie Redmayne will interact. She explained: ” The relationship between Leta and Newt Scamander is complex, so I think we’ll take the time to explore and develop, and it will be very fun, but I do not know much.! According to what I could read from the script, I got an idea but I really do not know much. Even when I went to make a test reading with Eddie [Redmayne] it helps me to understand what was happening in the scene that we were reading . “. In short, we will obviously not know much more before a moment! But it is clear that the relationship between Leta and Newtt is actually complicated, as our sorcerer was able to teaser it in the first film. Especially if, as believed, Leta is on the side of Grindelwald and Newt supports him, Dumbledore – unless of course that the young woman did surprise us. Anyway, Leta Lestrange focuses around her one of the greatest mysteries of Fantastic Beasts 2 ! Are you eager to learn more about Leta?