Fargo : season 4 seems to be alive and well in the pipes

Cinema 26 March, 2018






If the series are now put forward, and allow more and more things, we have a fondness special for the series Fargo and mainly for his third season (well, not the entire editorial).

Indeed, for its season 3, Fargo had put the package in the last year : Ewan McGregor in a fantastic dual role, Mary Elizabeth Winstead mode poisonous and, unlike previous seasons, the plot was almost in our day, in 2010. If the season has had good results in the hearing, it was quickly whispered that there would be no season 4, at least that the creator of the series, Noah Hawley did a genius idea. Last January, the FX seemed confident, with an appointment scheduled for 2019.


The fine team of the season 3


And well, scrub your hands, because if we are to believe the recent statements made by Noah Hawley at the microphone of The Live Feed, this is apparently the case :

“I now have an idea that is less in my blind spot and more in front of me. And now I don’t have much time to devote to it. All I can say about it is that it will happen again at another time.”

Obviously, we’re intrigued. And we are not the only ones because the interviewer tried to find out a little more and, in particular, on the assumption that the Fargo can go even further in the past :


Season 2


“I think that yes, it is possible, as long as it has something unique to tell. In a way, that would be pretty funny to say that the more things change and the more they remain the same. I don’t know if there is material to do 10 episodes with it. But if you look at the history of the region (editor’s note : the Minnesota, and the waves of migration of populations, and what people do for money… there is definitely something interesting to do on this period.

More and more, I think telling stories in this vein and I’m reminded of what the original film was talking about. There are all these stories american populations as well as on the landscapes and on the money that you can make. I think I have a direction very interesting. It just takes the time to lay it all on the paper.”

So, be calm, direct, season 4 is not officially announced but at least the showrunner doesn’t drop the idea. It is already that. In the meantime, there will be the beginning of April season 2 of Legion, the other series from Noah Hawley.