Fast and Furious 8: A destructive scene unveiled in a TV commercial

Cinema 5 April, 2017

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that Fast and Furious 8 is going to impress us. One has only to see this scene of mass destruction, unveiled in a TV spot.
Fast and Furious 8 arrives in any pile a week the meltynautes! And there’s something to be impatient about. The first criticisms are indeed already out and they are rather positive, promising us a film more crazy than the previous ones! One wonders how well, knowing that the franchise has already taken us far in terms of scenes of action survitaminées and spectacular cascades. But it seems that the director F. Gary Gray has found the way to do even more extreme and even more violent for this eighth part and we also have a perfect example in a small TV spot that unveils a scene very destructive. On the menu: a chase between the team of Toretto and soldiers, with as a dessert, Nothing less than a demolition ball! Or how to smash everything in its path …
“Holy sh * t!” , As Roman would say, sets the tone for the rest of the film! It is now easier to understand why the budget devoted to compensation for material damage on the set is as high! And again, this is only a small glimpse of what awaits us in Fast and Furious 8. Because the new villain, embodied by Charlize Theron, aka Cipher, is capable of everything and especially to control all New York cars Or a submarine, which promises rather impressive scenes. Yes, when you think that the franchise can not do more enormous, it finds the way to continue to amaze us! In any case, this little glimpse appeals us for the release of the film, April 12th. Not you ?