Fast and Furious 8: A new explosive trailer

Cinema 6 February, 2017

The days pass and are not alike in the great adventure Fast and Furious. The team must team up with an enemy and Dom found a new girlfriend.
It was the night of all the madness in the United States! Yes, the Super Bowl was held yesterday and it is the most watched televised event in the world. The opportunity for advertisers to pay millions to showcase their products and distributors to offer their new trailers a spot of choice. Universal has released a new trailer of Fate of The Furious, the new installment of the franchise planned in French theaters on April 12, 2017 . We already knew, this new chapter is complicated for our favorite team since Dom, the leader of the band, will turn against them.
We still do not know about his motivations, but this new TV Spot reveals that Dom has forged ties with the rather cool character Charlize Theron . But what happens to him? We also discover that Letti and the others will have to ally themselves with one of their enemies, Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham. If this is the case, things must really be serious. Finally, we note once again that the film crew did not skimp on the stunts and we IMPRESSED finally see the results of the shooting team of Fast and Furious 8 in Iceland ! What do you think of this new trailer?