Fast and Furious 8: A new opus more boosted and darker, our critic!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

The Saga Fast and Furious is back in the cinema today and as much to say that this eighth part sends heavy. Check out our review.
You found Fast and Furious 7 insane and you thought impossible to surpass? Wait to see the eighth part, The Fate of the Furious. We do not know how, but they managed to do something even more impressive! Flaming race (literally) in the streets of Cuba, a demolition ball that destroys everything in its path , a ballet of cars controlled at a distance that ends up in a sensational pile-up, chase on the ice with a gigantic nuclear submarine or Still battling with John Wick’s bare hands … Fast and Furious 8 is even more crazy, even more violent, even more boosted and even more spectacular , for the greatest pleasure of our eyes. Even for the villain, they managed to find more psychopath and dangerous than Jason Statham, and embodied by a woman who is more. In the role of Cipher, cyber-terrorist capable of hacking all the cars of a city, Charlize Theron is Machiavellian and detestable and clearly has nothing to envy the previous villains of the franchise.
Beyond this surge of adrenaline and this overbidding action, this new strand is different in many ways. Already, because we find Toretto on the side of the bad guys, confronting his own family. We know that it is not by will that Dom decides to betray his family , but it still brings his little dramatic side and even more when we learn why he did all that. One thing is for sure, after this story, Dom Toretto risks changing forever and the rest of the saga with . And that’s the first part since Paul Walker died. The film does not fail to do honor to him through a few references and a beautiful tribute to the end, but the air of nothing, its absence weighs on the film and the atmosphere is heavier. It will nevertheless note a good touch of humor, With a brilliant scene including Jason Statham and … well you’ll see it for yourself, we’re not going to tell you all! So, will you see it?