Fast and Furious 8: Dom Face to Her Family on a New Poster

Cinema 1 March, 2017

Fast and Furious 8 is revealed with a new poster on which Dom faces his family that he will not hesitate to betray in this new episode!
Dom and his family will soon return in Fast and Furious 8 but with a small difference … Because the first trailer of this new suite introduced us the head of the Family not hesitating to betray the latter to rally on the side Of the enemy! See the character of Vin Diesel ready to face The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez or Jason Statham promises very heavy for Fast and Furious 8 which could offer a record length for the film . Not to forget the many action sequences that will be sprinkled on this adventure that fans of the franchise are waiting for firm after the success of Furious 7 and its intense scenes (like that on the roofs of Dubai).
A new poster unveiled today shows Dom confronting his famous family! One finds the character of Vin Diesel alone on the left of the image while his new enemies are on his right. In other words, the tension is palpable on this new shot that will make the fans extremely happy. Fast and Furious 8, whose role as Helen Mirren has finally been unveiled , is one of the most explosive opus of this franchise that has been raging for many years. Several surfers are already speculating on the reason for the betrayal of Dom and think that the latter only seeks to infiltrate the enemy in a convincing way even to attack his best friends … What do you think of this poster?