Fast and Furious 9: Michelle Rodriguez gets support from Vin Diesel

Cinema 3 July, 2017

Fast and Furious fans are not the only ones who do not want to see Michelle Rodriguez leave the franchise. Wine Diesel either does not wish it, and supports his blow of mouth!

It’s THE bomb of recent days: Michelle Rodriguez may well be about to leave the franchise Fast and Furious! But why ? On the occasion of the release on DVD of the 8th episode of the saga, the American actress had expressed its dissatisfaction on Instagram, accusing the producers of not showing enough love towards the female characters of the franchise. Quickly, the director of the last episode, F. Gary Gray, had responded to the star of the saga, claiming that he had done everything possible to best represent the women in his film. Then to whom can this accusation be addressed? In any case, not to his sidekick always Vin Diesel! A few hours ago, Fast and Furious’s two leading actors released a short video of the two, on the actor’s Instagram account, in which Michelle Rodriguez says she was not addressing Vin Diesel .

“Wine, you’ve been one of the most important supporters of strong women, I’ve always enjoyed it at home for all these years, and know that this post was not addressed to you,” says the actress Of his friend. A lovely declaration of friendship on the part of Michelle Rodriguez, and Vin Diesel seems to really support her, testifies to the friendly kiss that he offers her in the middle of the video, as well as her small comment under the video: “Proud of our Saga … but we must try to reach even better levels each time. ” Let’s hope that the franchise teams will listen to Michelle Rodriguez for Fast and Furious 9, featuring Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel. Because we really can not imagine a new episode of franchising without Letty! After losing Brian O’Conner, we’re not ready to say goodbye to the excellent mechanic and driver …