Fauve back with Peace, why do we validate the Autrans project?

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

Back under the name of Autrans, three members of Fauve have just unveiled “La Paix”, a promising new project that is valid!
My demons are waging war on me, but whore I want peace! Remember, in September 2015, Fauve decided to take a break. After 5 years of work and 4 discs acclaimed by the critics and the public, the collective made provisional weapons. And when we had finally thought that we would never hear from him again, three members of the group decided to go back to the music by changing their name. Fauve so just make room for Autrans , a new project that can be carefree described as “futuristic” as the first single has just been unveiled, “Peace” , n ‘ Is without recalling some lyrical and musical surges of Frank Ocean on Blonde and Endless or Kanye West on Yeezy and The Life of Pablo . And while Kendrick Lamar has just unveiled the cover, the tracklist and the name of his next album , we can already bet that Autrans will mark this year 2017.
And if the name of the group has changed, the spirit remains the same. Understand by this that as in the time of Fauve, it is music that takes precedence over the rest . This is probably why the three boys at the origin of Autrans made in the economy of words on “Peace” , keeping only the essentials. And at melty, it’s something we like! So yes, it sounds slightly differently than Fauve, but where is the evil? At the moment when Booba has just become the king of the clash in one image , the members of Autrans decided to remain anonymous, giving priority to what they produce best, their music. And while the song is available on all streaming platforms since today, The clip of “La Paix” has already been seen more than 5000 times on YouTube at the time we write these lines. A number that should quickly explode so many fans of Fauve are numerous. While waiting to learn more about the collective Autrans, we invite you to reconsider this new musical approach because the shadow of Fauve is never far. And you, what do you think of “Peace”?