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Entertainment 20 January, 2018


It is a Fauve Hautot particularly nettled, which is expressed on his account Instagram, this Saturday, January 20. In question ? The revelation of his recent deposition for a complaint against a fan.

Obviously Fauve Hautot did not appreciate that Closer reveals that she had filed a complaint against a fan who was prowling around her home, trying by all means to approach her. The man in question, he would even have sent a copy of Paris is a feast, a work of Ernest Hemingway.

A dissatisfaction with the professional dancer and member of Dancing With the Stars has made on his account Instagram. Very rise against the magazine and the forces of order, which would have revealed information intended to remain confidential, the young wife of 31 years, rose up against these people who are “granted[ed] the right to disclose and publish without a release of information on [s]private life”

“Convinced that the police protected them, the journalism collected, checked and then informed, now I wonder in what world I live,” she wrote before continuing, “where are the limits ? Are there still limits ? Do I need to shut up. No. Freedom. I am fighting for it ”. An indictment that is unanimous among his fans. In less than two hours, the post has been “liked” more than six thousand times. And there are many comments to support his approach. “This is intolerable !!! Or will you one, if you can’t no longer even feel safe with the strength of the order !!!” or even “heart is with you all…” we can read.


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Fauve Hautot

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