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Entertainment 19 January, 2018

Dancing with the stars

According to information from the magazine Closer, Fauve Hautot would have been approached by a fan. The professional dancer has filed a complaint.

Without doubt, this is the flip side of the celebrity is the most restrictive. As is revealed in the magazine Closer, Fauve Hautot would have filed a complaint Tuesday, January 16 after having received a parcel sent by a fan a little too strong, which would be introduced in its building located in the capital city. The work of Ernest Hemingway, “Paris is a party” was placed in the cardboard with a message explicitly indicating that he wished above all to meet the professional dancer and member of Dancing with the stars on TF1. Worse still, the man would have also claimed to have made contact with the little sister of Fauve Hautot in order to collect information on the star. An approach that is strongly condemned by the former partner of Emmanuel Moire, which does not seem to appreciate this method of approach.

Now installed with its mate, Jules Renault, Fauve Hautot hope to be in safety. But still according to information of the magazine, the little friend of the choreographer would have noticed the presence of a man ” ladle “, which was present in the building.

Fauve Hautot is unfortunately not the only television personality to be, or have been, harassed by a fan too enterprising. It is also the case of M Pokora for example, which was sued by a young woman named Melissa, visibly in love with him. It was present around his home and asked neighbours to know the habits of the interpreter of the title ” She controls me “.

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Fauve Hautot

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