Fear The Walking Dead, Orange Is the New Black, Reign: Our Top Series of June 2017

Cinema 30 June, 2017

So, between Fear The Walking Dead, Orange Is the New Black and many others, who will be number 1 ?!
Although it is June and most of the series are in summer hiatus since May, the month has been well rhythmic since several series have bowed, while others have begun . Like what, even the summer period is now rich in series and especially in series of quality. For example, we had to say goodbye to Reign, Pretty Little Liars or The Leftovers , while Orphan Black pointed his nose to begin his final season . We invite you of course to share with us which series have marked your month of June and without waiting you are offered our ranking:
9 – Pretty Little Liars
It’s hard not to make a small place in Pretty Little Liars in our June Top Series as the series offered us its latest episode three days ago. When one was disappointed or conquered by the last revelations and the end offered to the characters, one can not deny that this marks the end of an era and that this series will certainly leave a mark in the television world – Is to make fun of it. -A is officially retired and know that you can find our critic of episode 20 of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , on melty.
8 – The Originals
After a season a little below what we are used to see for The Originals , we must admit to have enjoyed enough the season finale of season 4 who preferred to play the card of emotion rather than that of The action . For once, the plot refocused on the characters and what they are willing to do to save those they love. We hope that season 5 will resume on this path and will offer us an enemy more interesting than the Hollow which remained something far too abstract. Anyway, we found the end interesting for the sequel and we look forward to seeing how the Mikaelson will handle this new event.
7 – Reign
After four seasons of royal intrigues, conspiracies and betrayals, it was necessary to say goodbye to Reign since the series unfortunately was not renewed for a season 5 by the CW. If we can reproach this final season for having a little too much accelerated the intrigues to tell a maximum of the life of Mary Stuart, it is still with emotions that we watched the last episode. Reign is a real guilty pleasure that brought us our dose of madness every week with all the same strong and powerful female characters . One thing is for sure, the Laurie McCarthy series will be missed and the Adelaide Kane game too!
6 – Orphan Black
For his final season, Orphan Black offers us episodes that are always more captivating and full of mysteries. Sarah Manning and her clones are always looking for answers on their origins at the risk of sometimes having to sacrifice themselves . Despite a certain sadness at the approach of the very end of the series, it is confessed to you that it would have been difficult to imagine Orphan Black continue for several more seasons. In any case it deserves its place in our Top Series!
5 – GLOW
This month, Netflix has launched a new series called GLOW, including Alison Brie (Community) and Betty Gilpin (Masters of Sex) , who is interested in women’s wrestling. An original and unusual subject in the world of TV series that is treated with humor and emotions . If the season is a bit short – only 10 episodes of about thirty minutes – to allow the characters to be explored in depth, GLOW has enjoyed us with its little kitsch side of the 80s and its diverse and varied female characters.
4 – Fear The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead deserves its place in our Top Series of the month with a season 3 that starts off very well. The season premiere double proved that the series could take risks by killing Travis Manawa and she went on to propose a whole episode in Spanish focused on Daniel Salazar . Risky take-overs that reboost the series well, not to mention the new characters that, so far, continue to arouse our interest. In short, sympathetic episodes that make us look forward to seeing the continuation.
3 – The Leftovers
The surrealist series by Damon Lindelof, The Leftovers , offered us a last season full of poetry and questioning. The Leftovers always succeed in transporting us thanks to surprising intrigues and incredible performances from the actors. Where the end of Lost still unleashes passions and still rages a large majority of the fans of the series, The Leftovers has agreed everyone proposing a beautiful end, full of hope and somehow Of the response elements without actually proposing them. The Leftovers has always been able to present complicated intrigues to us with simplicity and its final is exactly to this image . A real masterpiece.
2 – The Handmaid’s Tale
As already mentioned , The Handmaid’s Tale is for us the best novelty of the year 2017, for the moment and it ended in apotheosis with moments always more disturbing and glacier . But also by the beginning of the rebellion of the Handmaids and mainly of Offred, although we do not yet know what all this will lead and if the heroine has just signed his death warrant. Fortunately, the series has already been renewed for a season 2 by Hulu and although we will surely wait a year before we know the rest, we will not remain on this open end.
1 – Orange Is the New Black
This year, Orange Is the New Black took on a real challenge, concentrating the plot of its thirteen episodes on just three days, and she raised it up! Always as fun and crazy while offering serious intrigues that sometimes denounce certain injustices or problems of society, the season of Orange Is the New Black totally captivated us. The Litchfield Inmate Rebellion will come with its consequences in the coming season, but it will have allowed us to learn more about some of the characters and pay tribute to Poussey Washington. Now, we are waiting for season 6 of Orange Is the New Black with great impatience …