Fear The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Preacher: The Record of US Hearings of the Week

Cinema 11 July, 2017

Like every week, it’s time to take stock of the American audiences of your favorite series. So who is at the top, who makes a flop? Discover it now!

New week says new record of hearings of the series aired this week. With the summer hiatus, it is clear that they are fewer and fewer and so we start with those of Friday June 30th. On Syfy, Dark Matter remains stable with 620,000 curious for a rate of 0.2% on target audience, Wynonna Earp is up slightly (580 000 and 0.1%) and Killjoys season 3 starts in front of 550 000 fans (0.2%). On the USA Network, Season 3 of Playing House continues with 2 episodes down (360,000 and 0.2% then 270,000 and 0.1%). Saturday: Episode 4 of season 5 of Orphan Black was broadcast on the BBC in front of 280,000 people (0.1%) while Turn drew 680,000 curious (0.2%) on AMC.

Sunday: Fear The Walking Dead is down and gathered 2.19 million fans for a correct rate of 0.8%. On the other channels, Power (1.44 million and 0.6%) and Claws (1.24 million and 0.5%) were also broadcast. Monday: Preacher is still down on AMC and attracts 1.11 million curious for 0.4% on target audience. Wednesday: Younger’s season 4 continues down (660,000 and 0.2%) while Blood Drive is up slightly with 490,000 fans for a rate of 0.1%. Moreover, FX launched its new series Snowfall in front of 1.36 million curious (0.6%). Finally on Thursday: season 3 of Zoo continues on CBS before 2.88 million fans for 0.6%. Meanwhile, The Night Shift (4.2 million and 0.7%) continues on NBC while the series inspired by Stephen King’s novel The Mist is down (430,000 and 0.1%). On CMT Nashville is also down (710,000 and 0.2%) while on the US Network Queen of the South is up before 1.11 million fans and 0.4% over 18-49 years.