Fear the walking dead season 2: Chris destiny already predicted in an unprecedented cut scene

Cinema 13 November, 2016

Months before the broadcast of Season 3 of fear the walking dead, a cut scene of Season 2 shows that Madison has always known what would happen to Chris.
Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear will not start until a few months and then we wondered some time ago if The Walking Dead and fear the walking dead were linked by Nick Clark , now is Chris Manawa we will talk. Indeed AMC recently unveiled an unprecedented cut scene from Season 2 – which you can see below – which proves that Madison always knew what would happen to Chris. Unlike Travis, she quickly guessed the way was going to take the teenager after he killed a wounded hostage simply and he put the whole group at risk . In the excerpt, Madison emphasizes that Chris had no reason to kill him and asks Travis to talk to him to reason with him but we feel in her words she knows it will not help – and she was right in view of the events.

Chris continued to choose violence and precipitated his death despite all the warnings of those around her, starting with those of his father. By agreeing to kill a precaution rather than necessity, the young man showed he was losing all moral sense as to ally with two young people who had no hesitation in killing their wounded friend. C is the same sad fate they have booked to Chris when he has had a car accident and it is causing to his father a rage that will probably change its character forever . Travis is seen in this extract, full of hope in humanity, in sharp contrast with the man he has become at the end of the second part of the season as it now finds itself without its ex- woman without her son to continue. Waiting to hear the result and know that Travis will become a new episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead will air tonight on AMC! What do you think of this scene?