Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: 3 intrigues to revive the series!

Cinema 2 January, 2017

The New Year is here and season 3 of Fear The Walking Dea is coming soon! In the meantime, we wonder how it could surprise us.

Little sister we continue to analyze The Walking Dead pending his recovery and then you were to list that there is little 3 reasons why fear the walking dead is a success , it is now back on his intrigues and What we would like to see in the following. Indeed in spite of very good points which make it a nice series to watch, Fear The Walking Dead tends to a little tired its fans with a rhythm sometimes too uneven and a certain lack of action. Obviously this is also what appeals to other viewers and we invite you to tell us in the comments what you would like to see in the following without necessarily implying a renewed passion for you who find the series very well as she is. For our part, there are three things in particular that would help us more easily plunge us into the lives of Madison Clark, Victor Strand and others . In the first place, it is a gathering of groups that we would like to see in season 3.
After being separated, we would like to see Madison find Nick, which would allow writers to take more interest in their relationship but from the perspective of Nick rather than that of Madison. The young addict tends to escape his family and we would like to see him be present for those who love him and protect him . Moreover the interactions of the characters have often proved interesting and their group dynamics add rhythm and a human side to the series that is appreciated very much. Second, we look forward to a real “bad” happen in the series and our wish should be fulfilled by Danay Garcia who tease the new antagonist of Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear . The presence of a character to be defeated allows the heroes to have a quest and to give again to the series the basic narrative strings which allow him to weave its history. Obviously we are well aware that FTWD is much more complex than that but we must not neglect the simplest bases to build the most complicated stories.
Finally the third plot that we would like to see is also rather basic since it is more about keeping an element that works: the zombies. Since the series takes place at the beginning of the apocalypse, the number of walkers must grow day by day and it is hoped that the screenwriters will always use as much of their presence to add tension and a small note of terror to episodes of season 3 . It is necessary to say that the zombies are an inexhaustible source of inexperience and allow the characters to develop a new facet of themselves: that of the survival and the instinct in dangerous situation. Here are three little things that we would like to see in the following to allow the series not to be exhausted before having had time to prove itself. Anyway we can not wait to see what Dave Erickson has in store for the next episodes. Patience, still a few months to wait before the return of Fear The Walking Dead for a season 3! And you then, what would you like to see as intrigues in the sequel?