Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: 3 Reasons Why The Series Is a Success

Cinema 1 January, 2017

The wait continues until the release of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead and despite some criticism, we also found reasons why the series is still a success.
There are few people wondered, if fear the walking dead was canceled, so the characters could join The Walking Dead with Rick and the others to continue to tell their story. Today let’s just look at the positives of the series, which also has currently no reason to be stopped by AMC . So we decided to list three reasons why we think Fear The Walking Dead is a success. The first is its cast since feels that his “Rick Grimes” is a woman: Madison Clark, played by the excellent Kim Dickens . Her journey has some similarities with Rick since she has been ready to kill from the start to survive and protect her, but she has a certain softness and vulnerability that Rick rarely allows himself to show. Placing a woman in the center of the series allows her to stand out a little and avoid even more comparisons with her older sister. To this is added the overall good level playing of the various players with obviously some better than others.
The second reason why FTWD can be considered a success comes from its casting which works well together. If some of the characters individually can sometimes be unattractive or even annoying, the overall dynamic works pretty well and gives rise to interesting exchanges with the various personalities of the characters . This is the case of Madison and Victor or of Alicia and Ofelia or of Nick and Luciana. In short, characters that do not always fascinate us when they are alone but whose dialogues can prove to be most sympathetic, either to really advance the plot, or simply to reveal a little more about themselves through These interactions. Finally the third reason why Fear The Walking Dead is refreshing is its roots in reality.
It is very possible that this is due in part to the fact that the series begins at the beginning of the apocalypse, in a society still normal and therefore close to our own. The fact that the series is primarily based on the problems of a reconstituted family also contributes to this. As showrunner Dave Erickson had said, fear the walking dead is a family drama with zombies and Clarke and Manawa are faced with problems we can identify as addiction, difficult adolescences, differences Education by family etc. Even if the characters are not always very endearing, one can thus find oneself in some of the tests that they pass through since they are more down to earth than an attack of zombies. In short, to say that the series is therefore not devoid of strong points and it is hoped that it reserves a follow up to the height. Until we see that, Danay Garcia tease the new antagonist and what awaits Luciana in season 3 of fear the walking dead ! And you, why do you like Fear The Walking Dead?