Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: A Buffy actress joins the series, who will she play?

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Months before the release of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, back on the arrival of a new actress and the roles she could play.
It will take a few months before returning to Madison, Alicia, Luciana and the other characters in season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear soon to be joined by an Actress Buffy in a top secret role . In the meantime we decided to speculate on how it could be incorporated into the plot. Obviously the obvious assumption would be to see embody the main antagonist of the next season has already been teasée repeatedly by the team of the series, and as you say that it would please us immensely . Emma Caulfield has a gift for playing some evil characters and role of Anya in Buffy the Vampire cons has not left us indifferent. Moreover fear the walking dead sorely lacked a real villain and expects someone to take this charismatic place in the series. The arrival of Madison and others near the border and therefore of the militia that captured Nick and Luciana would also be the perfect excuse to introduce the leader of the militia, which could be played by Emma Caulfield.
Another possibility would be to see her play a leader, but a new community, whether she is a friend or an enemy. Since the characters were already not very numerous and some are dead, the series was indeed the opportunity to introduce new main characters to broaden his horizons . Which says arrival of a new character says new interactions and we admit you would not be against seeing new dynamics forming within the already existing group. Finally we can not neglect the possibility that it is only a small role and that Emma Caulfield appears only in one or two episodes of the second half of the season. Yet if the production team has kept its role secret, we tend to think that it is because it will be important in the series and so we are hopeful to see it in a good part of the continuation. While waiting to know more, we wondered if we might one day find the The Walking Dead of communities fear the walking dead. And you what do you think ?