Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: A main character on the start?

Cinema 10 May, 2017

A few weeks before the release of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead on AMC, we could have bad news about an actor in the series …
The news continues for season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, with new promo photos posing a major threat to Nick, Madison and others have recently been unveiled. This time it is not really good news that is announced to you as it concerns the possible departure of one of the main personages of the series, namely Travis Manawa. Indeed, Cliff Curtis has just signed for 4 parts of the Avatar saga as a main actor, and to say that his schedule will therefore be loaded in the years to come . It seems legitimate to ask whether the actor will still have time to shoot the AMC series or whether he will prefer to spend time at Pandora to barter the zombies against the Na’vis. We all remember his fictional son, Chris Manawa, who died shortly after Lorenzo James Henrie was cast in Agents of SHIELD. However for now nothing is safe.
Indeed the information revealed by Deadline was accompanied by a few statements that the production of Avatar will arrange to allow Cliff Curtis to continue shooting for Fear The Walking Dead. So we can hope to see Travis survive the season 3 and surely still play in season 4 . That said Cliff Curtis’s presence in Avatar would be an opportunity for writers to sacrifice his character and show that just like in his older sister The Walking Dead , no one is immune. In any case we can not wait to see what will happen to Travis in the continuation of the series and especially the turning that will take his character with the arrival of new showrunners in the next season after the departure of Dave Erickson. To wait until June 4, the date of return of the prequel, you were explained why we were more excited by season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead than by season 8 of The Walking Dead . Do you think Travis is in danger?