Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Alicia and Nick soon to war against Madison?

Cinema 5 August, 2017

A few weeks before the return of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, questions arise about the Clark family …

The wait continues until after Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead in which Troy and Jake should learn the truth about their father . But while waiting to hear their reaction, it is the Clark family that is interested today to question the evolution of Madison and her children, Nick and Alicia. Indeed, as the series progresses, we can see a growing cleavage between Madison and her children . Ready to do everything to protect them and to survive, the latter almost crossed a new line by joining Jeremiah Otto and his racist vision of the world.

The questioning of a “wicked” Madison has been raised for a long time and it is an idea to deepen in a universe where the characters fall easily on the “dark” side because of their desire to survive. One wonders if Madison could continue on this path and eventually become a real antagonist of the series against which Alicia and Nick should fight . Indeed the first half of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead showed clearly how Nick and Alicia had a different view of things and Alicia quickly realized that her mother was this time on the wrong side of the story .

Madison, future antagonist?
With her dark past, Madison could continue on this path and lose sight of the morality on which her children are still based. This split within the Clark family would allow us to see new facets of the characters and an evolution of the most interesting. Children have always been protected by their mother and seeing them grow up in opposition to her would unveil to us how much they can take their independence from her . Moreover Madison has always acted in function and for his family, what would become then without them? Obviously we are not there yet and Madison keeps for the moment the head on the shoulders … While waiting to know if this could change later,