Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Alicia, Madison and Nick soon gathered at the military base?

Cinema 15 January, 2017

While awaiting the official release date of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, we continue to question the intrigues of the sequel.
The small screen is sorely lacking zombies right now and then we wondered there are few how fear the walking dead could end waiting for season 3 , now continues speculation about the intrigues of the suite. In particular, the Clark family is going to be interested today because, as the fans know, they were always separated at the end of season 2 and so we wonder if reunion will be on the menu in the season 3 FTWD . According to the production, small groups scattered will not stay long on and it can be expected actually to a family reunion . It remains to be seen where and under what circumstances. Since Nick and Luciana were attacked on the Mexican-American border by an armed militia, it seems very probable to us that their reunion is at their military base. Madison, Alicia and Travis are indeed approaching the border And it is assumed that they could also be attacked by the same group – which is probably the same as the one who attacked Deselia in the desert.
Madison and the others will believe at first that the military will be allies, as Nick had believed? It’s not impossible and therefore not impossible that flows into the wolf’s mouth as her son before her . Still, even if they are surrounded by enemies, being again in a group should give the survivors more chances to escape or counter-attack those who announce themselves as the antagonists of season 3, governed, why not , By the “great villain” already teased by the production. In any case, it is hoped that the various small groups will soon be assembled and that Victor Strand will also be able to meet everyone since his presence made the group dynamic particularly interesting. Until we know how all this will end, be aware that filming of Season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear started ! And you, do you think that the characters will find themselves at the beginning of the season?