Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: An actress from Buffy joins the cast in a top secret role!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

There’s a new casting side for Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead! You are told everything right now.
If the broadcast of season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is still far away, we can not help but talk about the next episodes. It must be said that the end of season 2 has opened many doors intrigue side and we look forward to see what the next episodes of the show will look like. Who says new season, also said new storylines and therefore, new faces . AMC is often discreet when it comes to reveal information about the future of his series, but after we have unveiled information on the villains of Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead , we learn that the series has a casted Actress for her third chapter. And imagine that his face is not entirely unknown to us.
Yes, the meltynauts, Emma Caulfield that we saw in the seasons 3 to 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the role of Anya, joined the zombie series of AMC. However, and this, according to TV Line revealed that information, the American chain would not disclose details about it . So how long will it stay in the series? Will she be a guest? Will it be recurrent? To find out, we give appointment this summer for season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, which we believe should kill more characters . What do you think of the actress?