Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Could we find communities of The Walking Dead?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While waiting for the broadcast of season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, one wonders what one could see there.
The wait goes on and on forever and after offered our top 3 of the most violent moments of fear the walking dead , it comes back to you today with further speculation. The next season should introduce a new antagonist who could do the greatest good to the series since this is something we missed in previous seasons. What if other characters would also make their arrival? We think of why not iconic groups of the mother series The Walking Dead as the Whisperers, the Saviors or the group of Gareth. It is known that even if the two series take place at one end of the United States, the characters tend to be relatively nomadic, always in search of a safe and well-stocked place. And we do not hide from you that we would very much like that Fear The Walking Dead make a little nod to his big sister letting us know that some characters are part of the two series.
But we can always continue to dream because in addition to topography, others it will not happen probably never . Indeed AMC holds the rights of the characters of Fear The Walking Dead but this is not the case of those of The Walking Dead, which belong to Image Comics. It will therefore require the agreement of these to be able to see a community of The Walking Dead in FTWD. On the other hand, if this were to happen one day, we would probably have to wait a little longer than during this third season, since chronologically, the two series are not yet compatible either. In short, there is little chance that we will find one of the communities of The Walking Dead in Fear The Walking Dead but we hope in any case that new characters will be introduced in the sequel. Indeed with the death of Chris, his mother in season 1 and Daniel Salazar, the casting diminishes visibly and could do with new blood. Until we know what awaits us in the next few episodes, info about wicked upcoming episodes in season 3 of fear the walking dead are disposed of melty. Would you like to see a TWD group in FTWD?